Replicant Repression 2. The Smart City Platform and Extractive Democracy

(Continuation of Replicant Repression 1.) One of Haussmann’s many exemplary replicants in terms of the urbanist capital/control nexus is Alphabet’s [‘Google’s’] Sidewalk Labs. As The Guardian reported in October 2017[i], “Sidewalk Labs will be in charge of redeveloping a [Toronto] waterfront district called Quayside”. Quayside will be an open laboratory for new “data-driven, (semi-)automated, networked technologies” and… Continue reading Replicant Repression 2. The Smart City Platform and Extractive Democracy

Replicant Repression 1. From Haussmann to the Olympics

Haussmann, Paris: The epitome of analog architectural aggression. Begun in mid-century and infamous for razing the dirty lanes and small back alleys of the 1866 Paris Commune to both expel bad elements and make space for avenues long and broad enough to permit military movement and straight enough to shoot with canons at barricades. La… Continue reading Replicant Repression 1. From Haussmann to the Olympics

Hello GhstRmnEmpire

In the GhstRmnEmpire, the city is more than ever the interface between bodies and capital. Post-Cyberspace, the long analog history of creating citizens through physical violence, corporeal cruelty and the cybernetic inscription of control and extraction into flesh continues into ever more complex permutations. As the digital weaves into our environment and organisms independently of… Continue reading Hello GhstRmnEmpire