Music for living in #CyberneticRegimes. Here’s an extract from what Holly Herndon told NPR about this track:

Where did you get the idea for the song [“Home”]?

The song evolved over time. It started out as a song about dropping the ball. It started with the exponential rhythmic pattern of the ball-dropping sample. And then, as I was writing it, I started coming to terms with the fact that I was calling my inbox my home, and the fact that that might not be a secure place. So it started out thinking about my device and my inbox as my home, and then that evolved into me being creeped out by that idea.

The NSA-surveillance part of it?

The reason why I was creeped out is because, of course, as Edward Snowden enlightened us all to know, the NSA has been mass surveying the U.S. population, among other populations. And so that put into question this sense of intimacy that I was having with my device. I have this really intense relationship with my phone and with my laptop, and in a lot of ways the laptop is the most intimate instrument that we’ve ever seen. It can mediate my relationships — it mediates my bank account — in a way that a violin or another acoustic instrument just simply can’t do. It’s really a hyper-emotional instrument, and I spend so much time with this instrument both creatively and administratively and professionally and everything.

When I was thinking about this hyper-personal relationship, and then when I was hearing about the leaks and thinking about someone potentially spying on me or somebody potentially just mass-reading all of these really intimate moments, I felt violated, and I wanted to find a way to express that violation that would hopefully hit home to people in a way that wasn’t so dry or pedantic. I really wanted to express the emotional side of that violation.

Read more here and listen to some additional material here:


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